UNM News, Dec. 7, 2011

In this newscast, UNM has chosen five finalists for the job of university president.

UNM journalism student Stephanie Hoover describes the latest UNM research findings on breast cancer treatment.

Paul Nikulin and Lindsay Douglass report on the precarious state of the aquifer that has historically met Albuquerque’s water needs.

Reporter Anthony Roibal presents the latest figures that rank New Mexico as the number one state for deaths from drug overdoses.

Barron Jones has a video pictorial from New Mexico’s Bosque del Apache bird sanctuary.

Megan Eichhorn and Lindsay Douglas covered the UNM Queer-Straight Alliance’s third annual Drag Show.

And Katie Fosterling filed a report on Mexican mask maker Felipe Horta and his trip to UNM’s Latin American and Iberian Institute.

Newscast runs 15:34. Anchors: Adam Camp and Miriam Belin. Producer: Miriam Belin.

UNM News is a web-based news site produced primarily by students in the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of New Mexico to serve students, faculty and staff.


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