Two Journalism Department Alumnae Reminisce

UNM women journalism students in the early 1950s.

by Adrianna McGinley, Journalism, Class of 2011

In four short videos Elaine Jackson Dickson, UNM Journalism class of 1951, and Nancy Gas Lewis, UNM Journalism class of 1953, describe their student experiences and careers after graduating with journalism degrees from the University of New Mexico. Topics include life at UNM, their teachers, careers, classmates and discrimination.

Adrianna McGinley, C&J class of 2011, and Yolanda Dominquez, UNM class of 1995, interviewed Jackson Dickson and Gas Lewis in August 2011. McGinley shot and edited the video with assistance from C&J faculty member, Richard J. Schaefer.

Early Days in the Journalism Program at UNM (8:50)

Life after Graduation from UNM (5:16)

Noted Early Journalism Alumni (:45)

Early Alums on Today’s Media (1:35)


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